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Welcome to the Watchet, St Renan web site. 


Watchet Twinning Associety was originally founded in 1976.  Originally the organisation that arranged possible twinnings had suggested a Normandy location, however there were concerns of distance and travel times.  At the same time the Brittany town of St Renan was looking for a suitable partner in the West Country.  Delegations from the two towns met informally here in Watchet and the subsequent official twinning was formed.  Since then the aim to foster mutual friendship and understanding has been achieved with alternate annual visits between our two communities. 


St Renan is situated just north of the city of Brest on the North West peninsular of Brittany, with countryside very similar to that of Cornwall.  At just two hours away from Watchet the most convenient port of departure is Pymouth.  St Renan is just over an hours travelling time from the port of Roscoff.  


Here in Watchet, we organise social and fund raising events throughout the year that bring members together as well as raising our profile in the community generally.  Thus we are able to entertain our French friends in a suitable manner.  We understand there are similar activities in St Renan. 


As with many other organisations we are looking to engage with and recruit younger members of the community who, we are sure, would benefit from these contacts, indeed a wide range of ages enhances our objectives. 


Peter Wilson - Chairman




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